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Battlestar · Analytica

An hour of "This is interesting" followed by thirty minutes of "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!"

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That was basically my reaction to this mindfuck of an episode. Oh yes.

Let's count the number of mindfucks in this special 90 minute episode:

1. Roslin rigs the vote to win. Surprising, yes, but not on a radical scale.
2. Baltar becomes President. Radical, yes, but surprising? No.
3. GINA GO BOOM. Both radical and unexpected and FUCKING AWESOME. And she and Baltar had sex! And then she detonated the fucking nuclear bomb! And Baltar cried!
4. We cut to ONE YEAR LATER. What is this, the DC Universe? (A comic nerd joke. Ignore it.)
5. Starbuck and Anders are MARRIED?! And she did something bad to Apollo? Or something? Seriously, I was just thinking "What the fuck?" during this whole part.
6. Apparently, the Chief and Cally got married and now she's GIGANTICLY PREGNANT. Oh, but still funny. "Shut the frack up!" Hee.
7. Adama has a mustache and Roslin is a school teacher again!
8. And then, of course, the Cylons return. Again.
9. Except this time, they're nicer. No more nukes. Only COMPLETE AND TOTAL SUBJEGATION.
10. Oh, and they were tipped off when Gina blew herself up real good. Which may have been her plan all along. And Leoben is looking for Starbuck. And Anders is dying. And the Chief wears glasses. Okay, I just really liked that last bit.

I believe the correct response to everything would be: WHAT. THE. FUCK.
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On March 11th, 2006 07:57 am (UTC), janedoe4 commented:
I was spoiled for the one year jump (not the details, just that there was a jump), so a lot of my reaction where people are going "WHAT THE FUCK" is "hmmm." Except I reeeaaallly want to know how the hell Kara ended up planetside rather than up in space flying Vipers where she belongs. Did that happen before or after her and Apollo's falling out? Did one cause the other? (And I just realized this sounds a lot like the "When did Duncan and Veronica break up?" spec early in S1 VM, which is not a parallel I thought I'd ever draw)
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On March 11th, 2006 08:14 am (UTC), alliterator replied:
This is sort of like the beginning of VM, because you have to figure things out as they go along. Except without the helpful voiceover. And the helpful flashbacks.

But even one year later, the Chief and Cally are frakkin' awesome.
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On March 11th, 2006 11:15 pm (UTC), eldritch_flame replied:
Except I reeeaaallly want to know how the hell Kara ended up planetside rather than up in space flying Vipers where she belongs. Did that happen before or after her and Apollo's falling out?

I was spoiled for almost everything, so Lee and Kara's falling out and her being all civilian-like are really the points that stuck with me. I mean, what could be worse than her killing his brother, her sleeping with Baltar, her running off to Caprica without him, her shooting him in the frakking chest?! And Starbuck not flying just seems wrong. Although I suppose it could be something she'd choose, I just get the impression Kara wouldn't enjoy civilian life for long. And it seems like these two things should be connected somehow.
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On March 11th, 2006 08:32 am (UTC), spectralbovine commented:
An hour of "This is interesting" followed by thirty minutes of "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!"

Yeah. Pretty much.

Are you sure that was Leoben? I didn't recognize him. That's pretty cool.
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On March 11th, 2006 03:23 pm (UTC), debetesse replied:
Yeah. Like I said on the board, I was surprised they brought the actor in just for that little bitty scene. Especially after Ron said that they decided not to bring him in just to be having coffee in Downloaded.
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On March 11th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC), alliterator replied:
It's obviously setting up an important arc in S3. I think it's actually the Leoben that Starbuck talked to in "Flesh and Bone," which might lead to something interesting.
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On March 11th, 2006 06:03 pm (UTC), debetesse replied:
Oh! I hadn't thought about that. No reason he couldn't be the same one.

Definitely a big thing in S3, which Ron alluded to in the commentary for the ep with Kara in the farm.

I lovelovelove that the different Cylon models are all substantially different, that they're not a monolithic, interchangable force. Dealing with a Six is different than dealing with a Sharon is different than dealing with a Leoben.

And I wonder if there's a method to those differences, from the Cylon perspecitve. Some reason that they are the way they are (in-verse)
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On March 11th, 2006 12:25 pm (UTC), ch1pper commented:
Basically I was just like "Wha....?!!??!?" the last bit.

Baltar really fraks everything up. First he brings about the destruction of the colonies and then he sets in motion the nuke which brings the cylons knocking. Again.

*shakes head*

And I think they listened to Jacob because Chief was smokin' in his beard and glasses.
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On March 11th, 2006 08:03 pm (UTC), wee_warrior commented:
I still don't have very many coherent thoughts, other then "the fuck?" And I actually was spoiled for the one year jump. But still: The. Fuck?

On a very deep level I'm simply afraid Ron et al are making up the story by following each and every random idea that pops into their heads at 3 a.m. "Ohhh, let's make a noir themed episode with Leee!!" - "Ohhh, let's make a story arc about the Colonial version of Occupied France!" - "Ohhh, let's make Adama look like Graff again!" - "Ohhh, let's turn Starbuck into a nagging wife for no apparent reason!"

Still, I'm kind of interested where this is heading...
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On March 11th, 2006 11:27 pm (UTC), eldritch_flame commented:
3. And no more Cloud Nine. Which bothered me for about half a second, but then it was all "ooh, pretty explosion! So cool!"

6. Another thing I was spoiled for, although it still made me immensely happy to see it. Although I'm pretty sure pregnant women's bellies aren't suppose to be square and lumpy. And I'm kinda sad the Chief's not gonna get to have his strike.
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On March 13th, 2006 02:32 am (UTC), scenewasasign commented:
And Leoben is looking for Starbuck

It's funny because as much as I was all WTF? over the time jump as everyone else, this is the thing that intrigued me the most. Flesh and Bone was always one of my favorite episodes because of Starbuck's reaction to Leoben, but I'm really interested that in this, he was looking for her. And that he is presumably the same mind as the one out the airlock. But more importantly, why was he looking for her?
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On March 14th, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC), okelay commented:
WTF is going now?
how come kara and anders are married, but bill and laura aren't? that's unfair!
i hate time jumps. if only we could get flashbacks, but i doubt we will.
and why are the battlestar so abandoned?
oh wait let me guess: baltar's orders
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