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Battlestar · Analytica

...You have a brain?

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Dear BSG,

Let me get my disclaimer out of the way and say that I liked "Downloaded." I think it was a brilliant concept with lots of neat elements and most of the cast, particularly Tricia Helfer, pulled their weight and then some.

That being said...am I getting stupider by the minute? Because you seem to think I am.

Remember back in the good old days of "33," when we got dropped smack in the middle of the action and the episode was all "Come on, catch up! We don't have all day!"? Or in "Act of Contrition" when we were left to ourselves to figure out the flashbacks without the help of subtitles like "Two Years Ago - Zak Adama's Funeral - HE DIED, REMEMBER?" and what the intermitent glimpses of Kara crashing her Viper were all about? And in the episode commentary for "33", Ron Moore actually went on at length about how TV audiences -- and in particular, sci-fi audiences -- are smarter than people give them credit for? And how this means that they're totally willing to just start up an episode and let you figure it out, because you can? Yeah. Good times.

Now here we are, almost two seasons later, and look what you're feeding us. You don't think we can remember fucking CapricaSix getting fucking NUKED. You don't think we can remember SHARON getting SHOT. By CALLY. You don't think we can remember where this happened, or when this happened -- oh, wait, neither can the writers. Sharon getting shot was ten weeks ago? When we've practically been going a month per episode since "Resurrection Ship"? I...don't think so.

You don't think we can remember the basic concept that Cylons can download, so D'Anna needs to explain it to the audience the newly resurrected Cylons.

You don't think we can figure out the extremely clever trick of Six's when she scratched herself and pretended the flying glass had cut her. Baltar's comment that her timing was impeccable is too subtle for morons like us. You could have reinforced it by having the imaginary Baltar lift Six's hand and show us some blood on her fingernail, but no. You had to have Baltar lay it out for her. And if that wasn't bad enough, you had to replay it for us. OH. MY. GODS. WE GET IT!

I just...don't understand what's going on. The entire concept of this episode was amazing. I love that Six has a Baltar in her head. I love how resurrected Sharon turned out. I love that Caprica Six and Galactica Sharon were able to share information with each other that resonated. I love that I didn't figure out why D'Anna had put them together until they figured it out, because it was really cool. But why are these great concepts getting over-explained and dumbed down? Network pressure? New writers? Ron D. Moore off with his bong instead of supervising the show like he did in season one?

So, BSG, take heed. I love ya. You're a great show, and we've had some good times together. Please remember back to when you used to think I was smart. I have a brain, and I'd like to get back to using it when we hang out.

All my conditional love [TM Strega],

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On February 26th, 2006 03:59 pm (UTC), peri_peteia commented:
Let's never forget how we're also so stupid that we can't tell the difference between what we know happened on the show AND STUFF THEY JUST STUCK INTO THE PREVIOUSLIES.

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On February 26th, 2006 07:28 pm (UTC), kiwikazoo replied:
Yeah, I love how they chose to toy with the takes and editing of the Kara/Sharon scene to be talking about the Cylon models rather than about raiders. They could have used Six's scene from the miniseries and then just the line about "Death becomes a learning experience" instead of twisting it around into a big, fat lie.
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