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Battlestar · Analytica

if we're feeling fancy

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I only just managed to watch The Passage
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Passacaglia - BSG Season One soundtrack
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Seriously, wasn't that awesome? Veronica Mars said "frack" THREE times!

Oh, right, the BSG episodes. 'Kay.
You want the awesomeness? You can't HANDLE the AWESOMENESSCollapse )

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OK, first off, a disclaimer. It is not my intention to use this comm to pick holes in BSG. I adore the show to an embarrassing degree. But there are little things that niggle at me, and I find I get good answers to my questions here.


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It has been said that the 12 Cylon models represent the 12 basic facets of humanity. What if those, along the lines of this post, were analogous to the 12 Olympian gods/Lords of Kobol?

We have:

Eight - Demeter, the warm mother figure, whose child is stolen from her.
Six - Aphrodite, hot as hell, but not necessarily on your side.
Leoben - Ares, warlike and rash.
Simon - Apollo, the healer.
Five - Hermes, the messenger.
Three - Athena. Not certain about this one, but journalist/schemer might fit in with the goddess of wisdom and crafts.

Remaining unknowns are:
(Depending on who you choose as your twelve. I don't know that we have that information on the Lords of Kobol yet.)
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So, I have a question. Only early season two spoilery but cut-tagged for good measure...
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Dear BSG,

Let me get my disclaimer out of the way and say that I liked "Downloaded." I think it was a brilliant concept with lots of neat elements and most of the cast, particularly Tricia Helfer, pulled their weight and then some.

That being said...am I getting stupider by the minute? Because you seem to think I am.

(Spoilers for 2.18)Collapse )

So, BSG, take heed. I love ya. You're a great show, and we've had some good times together. Please remember back to when you used to think I was smart. I have a brain, and I'd like to get back to using it when we hang out.

All my conditional love [TM Strega],

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