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adama, angst in spaaaaaaace, apollo, baltar, battlestar galactica, bear mccreary, billy, blowing shit up, boomer, by your command, cally, crashdown, cylon-occupied caprica, cylons, cymon, david eick, doc cottle, dualla, epic space battles, father al cylon, finding earth, flippy ships, frakking cylons, gaeta, giving nicknames to characters, godsdamn, helo, hot dog, intelligent discussion, kat, kevin spacey, killer robots, lady mactigh, leoben, lords of kobol, motherfrakker, not spoiling people, philosophical musings, previous lies, pythian prophecies, racetrack, rolling the hard six, ronald moore, roslin, sackh off like katee, seelix, six, slow claps, so say we all, starbuck, there are many copies, tigh, toasters, tyrol, ultraviolent production cards, whiteboard of extinction, xena, zarek
If it was you, we'd never leave...

...well, okay, if it was you, we'd probably leave you to die on a planet screaming our name in a particularly Shatneresque way. But don't worry, we don't hate you. We like you.

We just like Battlestar Galactica more. Now walk out of this cabin while you still can.

(Real Bio: this is a community for intelligent and smart discussions about Battlestar Galactica, similar to ichthyocentaurs for the VM fandom. Here are the rules of engagement. If you have nothing interesting to say...well, that's okay, because we don't either. But please remember: if you misuse a comma, spectralbovine will maim and/or seriously injure you with his pizza cannon. Her name is Jasmine.)
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