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3.06 "Torn" (or "Does Not Compute! Does Not Compute!")

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Well, that was a weird episode.

What was up with that beginning scene with the very, very obvious dub job? You could tell is was a dub job because every time they talked, you never saw their mouths. Huh. Did they just decide to add in that scene later on when it was too late to film it or something?

A very strange episode. The pulsar and the Cylon virus made it very, very science-fictiony, which...well, it is science fiction (see: robots and spaceships and technobabble, oh my), but they're usually not this blatant about it. But Baltar suddenly piping up "I'll do it!" was funny.

On the Galactica side, Boomer is now suddenly excepted by everyone who isn't named Tigh. And her new callsign's Athena! I thought it was funny how every callsign they suggested before that had something to do with her being a Cylon (I heard "Chromedome" and that's all I remember), so I guess the other crewmembers haven't forgot about that.

It's also weird that Cally is back to working as a mechanic, since she has a baby and all. Who's taking care of her baby? Though it was nice to see the ramifications of the exodus and how the Galactica is overfilled with civilians, including klueless Kacey's mom.

Speaking of things that make Starbuck crazy, that scene with her cutting off her hair was DIESEL. And it was interposed with Tigh drinking his drunk head off. I like that Starbuck, who was traumatized, could rehabilitate herself, while Tigh, who was traumatized and then had to KILL HIS WIFE, just decides to go full-out crazy.

And now the weird part: Baltar. And the Cylons. And the Hybrid. WTF? Seriously, I love freaky and weird things, but the Hybrid was just freaking me out. Especially when she said "Jump!" and then seemed to...you know. But all her weird ramblings were cool, like she was an oracle or something. But it also seemed like she was writing something out, because she kept saying "next paragraph."
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